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This group of educational institution comprehends the significance of pedagogic service to the student community right from Nursery to High School, (CBSE): with IIT-JEE, Medical entrance & Olympiad orientation through Objective & Reasoning tests right from classes VI to VIII. The same orientation is upgraded by one level every year to classes IX, X and continues into classes XI and XII at the +2 level
Welcome the Masters of Education with a truly Global Vision Boon School
There are some moments in life that one forgets. But for Boon school every moment over the past 25 years has been memorable and cherished. Every year has not been a mere milestone but has hoisted another flag fluttering to mark educational conquest in the sands of time.
Flight through time
Boon school first surfaced on the academic horizon in the Autumn of the 20th century and has progressed in a wink to the Spring of the 21st century in all dimensions earning itself the sobriquet : Asia’s largest educational group. The past two and a half decades witnessed boon school striding across the sands of education like a Colossus with academic programmes that sent students to the nation’s premier engineering and medical colleges in a torrential flow. It proved one thing : Boon school is unstoppable at any level of scholastic activity. The manner in which the institution has weaved the academic programmes into the educational texture is sheer magic and part of academic folklore.
Giving Students the global edge

Over the years boon school branched across the length and breadth of not only the state but beyond it. Thanks to their efficient academic and administrative squad, boon school is now a trusted house hold name across the country. The growth has been not uni but multi dimensional. The expansion of their educational services has touched the root level of education with the institution of Boon Schools and Star Kids. Boon school was initiated to give students the International edge. Students at the Secondary School Level would be given orientation to ETS Tests like SAT, TOEFL, IELTS etc. so that it would not be a hindrance for them to pursue education abroad, in the future. This move spoke volumes about their earnest zeal and industry towards the student community.